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Adoption Donations do not cover our expenses but they help.
They also let us know that you are serious about the adoption and should be able to afford the future care of your new pet.
All of our animals are (or will be) fully vetted including micro-chipping.
We do our best to make sure the animals we adopt out are healthy!

Usually the donation for a dog or cat is $128.
When we have special breeds or colors we often ask for a higher donation just to help us with our vet expenses.  In these cases it will be
noted under the pet's photo.  Application can be filled out
and submitted on our "APPLICATION" page.


(Adoption Pending)

(Arrived 7-2-2014)

She's as sweet as can be. Loves other dogs and children. We are guessing she is a Whippet mix.


(Arrived 6-30-2014)

He is a sweet black kitten who's waiting for his fur-ever home! Could it be yours??? >''<


(Arrived 6-30-2014)

Not that he's into a lot of it...he's your typical kitten who loves to play.


(Arrived 4-14-2014)

Beautiful, light black-colored kitten. He's one of our many "Bottle-fed" babies and he's just so sweet, like they usually are. He's starting to show some stripes around his legs. Also, has a darker black stripe down his back, towards tail.


(Arrived 6-30-2014)

Sweet little tortie who is looking for that purrr-fect family!

Fatima Girl 

(Arrived 5-30-2014)

Sweet and beautiful. Look at that gorgeous fur!


Click on photo to see how Mia loves playing with her big "foster" brother!

(Arrived 5-28-2014)

This little girl is under 12 lbs. (Jack Russell Terrier mix).  She is in a foster home with 3 dogs and 2 cats and seems to be doing very well with all of them. Just a sweetie! This dog is Just A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!

Inky Girl 

(Arrived 5-30-2014)

Another sweet and beautiful baby. Three siblings in the family. All needing wonderful, caring, loving homes!


(Arrived 5-9-2014)

Bessie is my sister. I'm the "wild one". I love exploring! Everyone seems to think I'm pretty special! They started calling me Bullet, I guess it's cause I run real fast....


(Arrived 5-9-2014)

Hoping  I can be your puuur-fect kitty! I love being held and I even have a "motor" that runs as soon as you start to pet me! 


(Arrived 11-11-2013)

Flame tipped Siamese - without the Siamese temperament.  We could have called him Mr. Mellow.
He is a lover and a snuggler and must get under the covers and sleep with you all night long.  Adoption donation is $148.





(Arrived 4-4-2014)

Click on pic for a video of Ollie on Cat Mint!

Missing his mamma, who just recently died of cancer. Ollie is about 7 years old.  A 17 1/2 lb Manx.  He is in a foster home right now where he's trying to deal with being one of many cats... which he is not accustomed to.  Please open your heart and give this sweet boy a new forever home.


(Arrived 1-14-2014)

Young lab/retriever mix who is full of energy. Very Sweet! This Dog is so much fun! If you are an active person that wants a 4-legged best friend, Angel is your girl!! She listens very well!

(She is an excellent watch-dog! Will alert you when someone comes onto your property!)


(Arrived 4-15-2011)

This is a beautiful, young, Bombay female cat.  About 3 years old.  She is UTD on shots and spayed.  She is very affectionate and although living in and out right now... she would make a wonderful indoor pet.  


(Arrived 4-2006)

Diva is a beauty, obviously.  She is from a colony that SLF cares for but she is so sweet and loving we decided she deserves a chance at a good home.  She is very affectionate and loves to nuzzle and snuggle in bed or in your lap.  She is used to the woman who cares for her but will adjust to someone who knows cats and is familiar with acclimating them to new surroundings.
She is 6 1/2 years old and quite healthy.

(Arrived 4-23-2012)

Not too much of a lap-cat but loves to cuddle with his foster mom at night. Loves to play

(tail curls back like a pugs!)

Butter Cup
(Arrived 8-18-2012)

A comedian and a little timid
Tortie Tabby Kitten
(Arrived 6-6-2013)

A beautiful medium to long haired tortoise-shell tabby. Petite for her age. Very sweet.
(Click on photo for video)
Chi Chi
(Arrived July 2012)

She is a very sweet girl, unique, very submissive

Bumble Bee
(Arrived 4-15-2011)

Gorgeous tabby with exquisite markings.  He is a Lover with a capital L.  About 3 years old, neutered and a "perfect" pet.  Small feet... kind of "prince like".  A perfect addition to any home.


(Arrived 7-2-2014)  

"I am ruler..."  

This sweet tabby is just, what can I say, PURR-Fect. He's loving and will let you know he approves of your touch by his loud purring!!

The Photo below is of him and his 2 sisters when they were found by a river.  All three are as sweet as can be!!

(Arrived 10-2-2013)
Click on Pic for video

(Abuse case)
But he is learning to trust again. He's in a foster home now with other cats and he's doing wonderful! He has come a long way. He is very bonded with the fosters but we know he will bond with anyone that shows him love and affection. Please, won't you take a "Chance on Chase?!" He will become your Best Friend!!


(Arrived 7-2-2014) 

"Did I hear you say Vacation? Let's go, I'm packed!"


(Arrived 7-2-2014)

"If them humans would take more time to get in the garden and smell the flowers, I think they would be just as happy as me!"



(Arrived 6-30-2014)

Sweet, precious, long-haired girl who loves her "mousies". A purring machine!! Wow, she just loves to be held and petted!


(Arrived 4-14-2014)

Beautiful, unique tortie-colored kitten. She's one of our many "Bottle-fed" babies and so sweet, like they usually are.


(Arrived 4-14-2014)

Beautiful, unique tortie-colored kitten. She's one of our many "Bottle-fed" babies and so sweet, like they usually are.


(Arrived 4-14-2014)

Beautiful, unique tortie-colored kitten. She's one of our many "Bottle-fed" babies and so sweet, like they usually are.

 Percy Boy

(Arrived 5-30-2014)

(Adopted 8-4-2014)

Awwww...a beautiful "perennial" who will brighten anyone's life!


(Arrived 4-4-2014)

 You know what they say, Orange kitties make the best pets! And we are all sisters!! Even better!


(Arrived 4-4-2014)

Lovin' my nap time! I'm just puuuuure sweetness!


(Arrived 4-4-2014)

 Just chillin' and catching some rays

Click on photo of Jade, JJ and Lulu as babies for darling video! 



Trying to find this boy a new home that will care for and love him. He's use to going outside during the day and comes inside at night.


(Arrived 3-27-2014)
(Click on photo to watch her playing!!)

She is so smart and learns commands very quickly. She is great with other dogs and cats!
She does love children!! She loves paying in her small "kiddie-pool" and is just a fun dog to be around!

 Sir Binkerton

(Arrived 1-30-2014)

Young Boxer mix who just wants to be your best friend!
(Arrived 8-16-2013)
This kitty is so awesome. Beautiful med-length fur with a huge fluffy tail. He loves to snuggle, help you get ready in the morning and altogether be a part of your life!
(click on photo for darling video)
Sir Ryan

Click on photo for video - Ivanna playing with Sir Ryan.

(Arrived 5-4-2013)

A Bobtail who also loves to cuddle with his brother (and foster brother). Sir Ryan LOVES to get under the blankets at night or lay on your lap when you are relaxing. He will let you know when he wants to be petted by 'speaking' to you! He's a pretty Laid-back dude!

Sir Reagan
(Arrived 5-4-2013)

Click on photo to watch a cute video of Sir Reagan and the fosters' dog

He is a beautiful 'silver' tabby who loves to cuddle with his brother (and foster brother!). Gets along great with other cats and loves furry dogs!

Stray Love Foundation long haired petite rescue cat
(Arrived 5-30-2013)

...and she has plenty of it!  What an adorable girl.  Rescued at only a few weeks old, this little girl was ready to take on anyone...tough as nails... she is a survivor.
She has grown into such a beautiful Kitty! Not sure why she is still with us. She has the softest fur and just loves to be loved on!!  



(Arrived 10-7-2013)    

A 13 year old cat who had to be given up by his elderly owners due to moving into assistant living and they could not take their beloved pet with them.  Very loving cat that just needs to find another loving home!  She is de-clawed! 

Sweetie Pie
(Arrived 1-15-2013)

Well how's this for a pin-up shot!  Sweetie was also abandoned by his owner and left with a kind-hearted soul.  He is a lover... will get used to other animals but hates going to our adoptions!  Who can blame him - it's not fun being put on display like that.  (Grin)